IHP Meet the Musicians: Avishay Shalom

Conductor & Arranger
Berlin, Germany

Life During Lockdown:
Best thing – the generous amount of time which allowed me to take things in their natural speed without the stress and the pressure we musicians are so used to having. 
Worst thing – was and still is the distance from my family in Israel and from my choirs here in Berlin. 
These strange times also brought to me this wonderful project which I was very happy to take on. The challenge of writing for 16 instruments of the same kind was possible thanks to the richness of the horn and its extensive range. It was a great experience, also thanks to my brother Hagai Shalom, who recruited me to this initiative and accompanied the production of this recording with much dedication and care. An important person to thank is Gal Guttman who spent days together with Hagai, mixing this whole thing together into a fine result. 
A big applause for all 16 horn players, who all did a tremendous job in recording. I am thankful for all of your efforts and professionalism.  I hope everyone will enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed the process. 

Read more about Avishay here:

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