IHP Meet the Musicians: Gal Guttman

Audio Engineer
Co-Principal/Third Horn: Israeli Symphony Orchestra
Tel Aviv, Israel

Life During Lockdown:

A day before they told us we can’t work anymore, I was sitting at the principal horn chair at my orchestra (the regular principal called in sick) and played the first rehearsal of “Eugene Onegin” for the upcoming production. I was very excited to play it and I also knew that there was a chance that I would play it as principal at the actual premiere, so I was super focused. But right after the rehearsal we got an email saying we can’t come to rehearsals anymore . . . and that was the last time I played with a big group of people, which has been the worst experience of this lockdown situation. I miss playing in and with a big (live!) orchestra!! However, the lockdown helped me improve my home studio skills. I’ve been working for a few years on my computer, making digital music, editing, mixing and mastering audio. So all of those “home music-playing” videos/recordings have helpd me to improve my skills as a music producer, including this experience of mixing 16 horns! Mixing horns is never an easy task. The horn has so many frequencies and it’s hard to make them reflect out. This is already complicated to do in a professional studio, let alone getting 16 different tracks from all over the world (playing the great arrangement by Avishay Shalom) where each person recorded themselves in a different environment with a different recording device. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy with the outcome. I hope you will enjoy it too.

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