My mission is to break the conservative mould of classical music. While I have a deep love and a reverence for the classical tradition, it is important for me to broaden it and do my part to make it more inclusive. Through my experiences as a performer, I have come to appreciate the importance of diversity, entrepreneurship, and multi-faceted creativity, all of which are aspects often overlooked or even discouraged in the orchestral field. As a female brass player with a successful career in this male-dominated institution, I’ve really had to carve out a space for myself, and it is my mission to use the ground that I’ve gained to make a space for others. As a horn-player, I love my instrument, but it is just one facet of my creativity, a boundless creativity that was largely ignored as I focused on my instrument during my conservatory education.

To overcome these obstacles, I am fusing my creative interests by undertaking projects of my own, which will allow me to fulfill my ambitions as an artist while doing what is important to me as a person. I am writing a bi-monthly blog that highlights unique and extraordinary paths to performance. Through these publications, I seek to cultivate resources for the community, to increase representation, to normalize “taboo” topics, and to give everyone a place at the table. In this same vision, I have co-founded an orchestra, Ensemble Ultreia, unifying like-minded performers with similar socio-artistic values. Determined to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, we will be putting on intimate concert experiences that engage all of the senses through the collaboration of various art forms.

On my page you can find examples of my work thus far, as well as free articles and resources for those who are not yet ready to donate. My Patreon is a great tool that allows people like you to support and participate in my creative vision, allowing me to achieve my dreams while empowering others to achieve their own.