IHP Meet the Musicians: Hugo Valverde

2nd Horn, The Metropolitan Opera
New York, New York

Buena Vista, Heredia, Costa Rica

Life During Lockdown:

Being on a lockdown has its pros and cons. As soon as I got furloughed from the MET, I immediately thought it would be smart and pertinent to move back to Costa Rica, in order to spend this time with my family. So much has happened, and the amount of bad thoughts sometimes feeds the demotivation and sadness. It has been difficult for me to stay 100% motivated, but it’s because of projects and initiatives like this one that I pick up my horn again and start making music with hope and thinking is a step closer to our great and most awaited return to those stages, to those orchestra pits, to those theaters, and to our beloved music schools. Music brings us together in this way for now, but we will be making music more intensely than ever before when we come back, and this gives me the inspiration and strength needed to stay motivated.

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