IHP Meet the Musicians: Hagai Shalom

4th Horn, The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Tel Aviv, Israel 

Life During Lockdown:

Worst thing – the sense of urgency of wanting to go back to work and the uncertain future that doesn’t allow it because of social distancing regulations…It is the worst combination. 
Best thing- I improved my cooking skills; might change my career or at least invest more time in it! 
This project brought me the motivation I needed to finally create music again after a long pause with great horn players who I’m privileged to be playing with. I am grateful for Avishay, my brother, who did an amazing job finishing the arrangement for us and taking care of each small detail, as he knows,  together with Gal Guttman, who kindly agreed to jump in the project. He did incredible work, mixing the audio to make it sound as though we all recorded in the same studio.
Thank you guys for everything, much appreciated! Be safe and see you soon!

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The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

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