IHP Meet the Musicians: Pierluigi Filagna

Third Horn, Orchestra Teatro Regio di Torino
e Filarmonica del Teatro Regio di Torino

Torino, Italy

Life During Lockdown:

We Italians were the first Europeans to encounter the COVID-19 Contagion. We were the first to go into lockdown, and we have been very overwhelmed by this situation. We had to stop all contact with family and friends…Suddenly the work stopped. All people were locked in their homes for weeks, many people were left alone. But, many have rediscovered the warmth and the unity of family. During the lockdown, I met new virtual friends thanks to social media, sharing our emotions, our fears, and our hopes. Thanks to technology and the internet, I was able to meet with some friends to perform through social distancing, and we felt less alone. We have discovered a global solidarity…This epidemic has left us with feelings of pain, anguish, anger, and uncertainty, especially for us musicians, but the positive aspect is that thanks to COVID-19, we may all feel more similar and realize that we are all the same. 

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